The Courage Solution by Mindy Mackenzie


The Courage Solution by Mindy Mackenzie

  • By Ian Bradley
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I must admit that I had some serious doubts about this thin book with its all-too catchy title. As a university professor who believes in empirically justified everything, my doubts were fueled by the author’s introduction proudly proclaiming that the books reflects a “non-theoretical or non-research based perspective.”

Boy, was my initial judgment wrong. In fact, if I had to recommend one, and only one, book for young people starting their corporate careers, this would it.

Mindy Mackenzie condenses her wealth of business and leadership experience into easy to read and remember key points that HR’s orientation will never discuss. Career building keys such as getting a good read on your boss, knowing how your company makes money as well as recognizing your strengths and weaknesses are only some of the relevant themes tackled.

Along the way, Mackenzie lays out a buffet-spread of handy interpersonal axioms to deal with tough situations such as delivering critical feedback, disagreeing with your boss and developing wide social networks. Although I stressed how valuable this book could be to young workers, those seeking to better their relationships with their own boss – that covers almost everyone- can also benefit from the many helpful and practical tips offered in this excellent book.