Conflict (cont), Lessons in Management, Part VI

  • By Ian Bradley
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In my work as an executive coach who sees professionals in many different capacities, it has struck me that each professional has its own competitive angle. I remember counseling several mathematicians who explained to me that if you weren’t a genius, or perceived as one, you were by default mediocre. For litigation lawyers, it’s their

Conflict: Personal Lessons in Management,Part V

  • By Ian Bradley
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Managing a department is a bit like being a therapist. You get to see a little bit of the inner world of the people you manage, but unlike therapy, you don’t get to bill for it. I remember the first time that a senior psychologist entered my office and started to cry. It was a

Meetings and managed conflict

  • By Ian Bradley
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In my practice as an executive coach in Montreal, I often hear managers complain about the stress of conducting business meetings.  Their major worry is conflict. My first response is almost always: “you’re lucky, especially if those anticipated conflicts contain the seeds of contrarian ideas that might help the business.”  In today’s economic climate; heaven