Workplace Well-Being: a practical guide


Workplace Well-Being: a practical guide

  • By Ian Bradley
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The stats are grim:

  • 70% of working Americans cited work as a significant source of stress (American Psychological Association, 2012a)
  • 41% of employees reported that they typically feel tense or stressed during the workday (American Psychological Association, 2012b)

The contributing factors are many but those most often cited include:

Low salaries, lack of opportunities for growth or advancement, heavy workloads, lengthy hours, and unclear job expectations have all been cited as contributors to employee stress (American Psychological Association, 2012)

Recognizing the problem is often the first step, but where do managers and company leaders turn for practical advice on creating psychologically healthy workplaces. From the latest edition of The Psychologist Manager (TIP) are four good starting points:


#1 The Society for Human Resource Management Foundation has published a set of effective practice guidelines and strategies for promoting employee health and well-being (Chenoweth, 2011), benefits/articles/pages/wellness-re- source-page.aspxs


#2 The Interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Workplaces at Berkeley has integrate a broad spectrum of research findings across disciplines to generate a holistic picture of the healthy workplaces based on science. In addition to a repository of scientific articles spanning literature in public health, occupational health, nutrition, computer science, business, psychology, environmental design, engineering, medicine, industrial hygiene, architecture, human factors, and health psychology


#3 American Psychological Association has multiple resources aimed at addressing employee and workplace health and wellness. Including a Center of Excellence for Workplace Health in the 1990s aimed at helping promote the application of psychology to workplace issues.


#4 Finally, positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship activities provding insights and avenues for pursuing research and practice into employee health and well-being. The Center for Positive Organizations at the University of Michigan is a great resource for information related to management practices through work relating to positive leadership, meaning and purpose, ethics and virtues, and relationships and culture in organizations,

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