Welcome to my blog.

Who am I?

I’m a Montreal psychologist with a private practice in occupational psychology. Although I have an extensive background in clinical psychology, specifically twenty-five years as Chief Psychologist of a large urban teaching hospital, I now focus on psychological problems in the workplace as an executive coach.

What do I do?

I see people from a variety of industrial sectors from the high tech areas of aerospace to the traditional Montreal industries of clothing and manufacturing. I consult mostly with executives and managers –people with positions that can change their company’s organizational functioning or culture. However, I often help administrative assistants or retail salesclerks – people who often suffer from the existing organizational structure or culture.

From my own personal and professional experience, I endorse the idea that work, of any sort, is tough. It demands the best of our abilities; it forces interaction with people not necessarily of our own choosing. Work is competitive arena where we strive to beat the competitors, and subtlety, perhaps one’s colleagues. Work often fails to recognize our achievements, rewarding others who put-in less effort. And even more seriously, our organizations can remove us from the very pleasure that motivated us to enter a particular field in the first place.

However despite all these and countless other stressors, I truly believe that psychology can help!

What’s this blog?

I have written this blog to help people find psychological solutions to workplace problems. It is designed for those that are working wounded, or for those that can change the workplace by introducing new procedures, values or ways of thinking.
My blogs usually begin with a general description of a problem that a client might bring to my attention, such as, a boss’ tirade following a subordinate’s mistake. I then attempt to extract a key psychological issue, e.g. dominance in the workplace, from the noise of the situation. Often, just having the right words or psychological concepts to understanding what people are living and feeling helps. Although I probably don’t need to say so, the focus is the issue not the client details, which are disguised or generalized for purposes of confidentiality.

After distilling the psychological issues from the workplace problem, I link my comments to articles in the psychological or management literature to provide further depth. My overall goal is to spur creative problem solving by finding practical solutions to workplace problems.

I hope that you find my posts both stimulating and helpful. I invite you to visit my personal website and to have a look at my biography.