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Medical Leaves and Mustard Plasters (con’t)

In my previous post, I made the point that although the family physician provides the official “time-off-work-for stress” letter, the principal decision-maker is the patient. I argued that most workers under stress debate the pro’s and con’s of setting…


Medical Leaves and Muster Plasters

It’s 7 am on a rainy February day in the middle of week when I’m 10 years old and just waking up with a detectable, and if amplified, quite apparent scratchy throat.


As a university professor with a private practice…


The Angst of Graduate School Applications

In my undergraduate McGill class of very bright psychology majors, we were pleasantly diverted from the regular cognitive behavior therapy topic of the day to talk about undergraduate education in Psychology. My own career experience rests much more with…


As part of my coaching, I make it a habit to loan books from my collection to address specific issues in the workplace. Here’s what on my shelf right now.

How of Happiness by Dr Sonya Lyubomirsky

I’m always suspicious about psychology books that prescribe the path of happiness. What do we know about happiness more than writers, philosophers or even bartenders. Turns out, a lot, and all of what UC Riverside psychology professor, Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, in her book endorses is backed by strong experimental evidence. It really does work, she

Genre: happiness, positive psychology, work place psychology

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